Initiatives Etcetera LLC

Technology / STEM    Collaboration

The Initiatives Etcetera Technology / STEM collaboration is an outreach project that facilitates an engaging environment equipping students with knowledge and development opportunities to include participation and representation in Technology / STEM on a national platform; partnering to fill the  South's Technology / STEM talent deficit.
Collaboration, the root of STEM success
  • The idea is to broaden students’ exposure to other disciplines
  • Participating students are challenged to grapple with real business problems
  • The creative side of STEM presents benefits of an interdisciplinary partnership
  • Facilitating engaged and networked communities of practice
Technology / STEM Integration 
Where STEM literacy – even for non-STEM jobs – is an imperative
  • Engage in hands-on STEM activities and mentorships
  • Through a virtual platform, the initiative will address the skills gap
  • Societal images and environments that promote diversity and opportunity
  • Promote greater equity in STEM academia and career pathways